Duralec Coolant Conditioner HD

Duralec™ Coolant Conditioner HD

Reduce Engine Temperature and Protect Against Corrosion

Duralec Coolant Additive HD is an entirely unique, new Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) for heavy-duty diesel engines that combines the benefits of corrosion protection and temperature reduction – all in one product.

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Technical Specifications

Duralec Coolant Additive HD contains advanced corrosion inhibitors that exceed all performance specifications of ASTM D5752 as well as a proprietary surfactant technology. This unique combination of chemistries differentiates it from other SCA’s.

Royal Purple is the only manufacturer to have pioneered the use of a higher nitrite concentration without the associated issues of increased solder corrosion. Duralec Coolant Additive HD utilizes a proprietary blend of organic ingredients that provide specific protection for solder corrosion. As such, Duralec Coolant Additive HD is able to achieve the best of both worlds. By using higher nitrite concentrations, optimal wet sleeve cylinder liner protection is achieved. And through the use of new, advanced organic ingredients, solder is protected from damage at these higher nitrite concentrations.

Proper application of Duralec Coolant Additive HD reduces overall cooling system maintenance costs, and extends the life of radiators, water pumps, intercoolers, and all cooling system components. It also helps prevent overheating, which damages engines and causes expensive equipment downtime. It is compatible with all heavy-duty diesel engine specifications and applications, and can be used with either antifreeze, or straight water coolant.