Duralec Hydraulic HD Hydraulic Fluid

Duralec™ Hydraulic HD

High Performance Hydraulic Fluid

Duralec Hydraulic HD is a high-performance hydraulic fluid formulated from premium base stocks and advanced additive technology to deliver superior protection and extended equipment life.

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Technical Specifications

Duralec Hydraulic HD is formulated with Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology, proven to make equipment run smoother, cooler, quieter as well as longer and more efficiently. These performance characteristics provide exceptional oxidation stability that greatly extends oil change intervals while keeping systems clean.

Duralec Hydraulic HD’s tough oil film forms an ionic bond on metal surfaces. This tough film not only protects during operation and acts as a preservative oil during shutdown, but also provides instant lubrication on

start-up to prevent wear. Duralec Hydraulic HD consistently lowers operating temperatures and restores smooth, consistent performance toerratically operating hydraulic systems. It greatly increases both the life of the oil and the seals, filters and pumps of hydraulic systems. Duralec Hydraulic HD also exhibits excellent demulsification (water separation) properties, even at high operating temperatures.

Duralec Hydraulic HD is packaged in new, clean poly containers and filtered to a typical ISO 4406:99 Cleanliness Level of 14/13/11.