Duralec Multi-Purpose Grease

Duralec™ MPG Multi-Purpose Grease

Decrease Wear and Increase Reliability

Duralec MPG is a high performance, multi-service, aluminum-complex synthetic grease which significantly increases bearing life and equipment reliability.

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Technical Specifications

Duralec MPG is made using a superior blend of synthetic base oils plus Royal Purple’s unique, proprietary, noncorrosive Synslide® additive technology.

Duralec MPG satisfies a wide range of grease requirements from the lubrication of bearings to u-joints and general-purpose use. Duralec MPG has superior shear stability, is highly water resistant and performs well at high temperatures.The tough oil film of Duralec MPG coupled with its ability to micro-mend contacting bearing elements provides superior bearing lubrication. It also has excellent oxidation resistance for extended service life and to provide a margin of safety between lubrication intervals.

Duralec MPG is an EP NLGI #2 grease.