Duralect Ultra Straight Grade Motor Oil

Duralec™ Ultra™ SG SAE Motor Oil

Single Viscosity Grade Performance Oil

Royal Purple’s Duralec Straight Grade Motor Oil combines premium base oils with proprietary additive technologies to create high performance motor oils that optimize engine performance, even under the most severe driving conditions. Duralec SG delivers superior protection and improves performance in gasoline and diesel engines that specify the use of single grade engine oils.

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Technical Specifications

Enhanced additive technology allows Duralec SG to prevent metal-to-metal contact beyond both dexos1™* and ILSAC GF-5 specs. Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology creates a tenacious ionic bond with metal surfaces, which protects engines by providing instant wear protection upon startup and responds to increased pressure with increased film strength.

A low coefficient of friction results in optimized fuel efficiency and patented ZDDP additives optimize the longevity of the emissions catalyst system. Advanced additive technology prevents the white sludge and lubrication starvation that can occur with 20% or higher ethanol fuel.

Royal Purple motor oil is compatible with synthetic and conventional motor oils.

Available Viscosity Grades

SAE 30

SAE 40

SAE 50